Be a Smart Traveller

• Leave a Copy of Your Detailed Itinerary with your family or friends, with contact numbers of your travel agent.

• Mention your Name and Contact Number on your each luggage item.

• If your bags are black, mark them with a colored ribbon, a Decal or a Distinctive Luggage Tag. The name on the tag should match the name on your airline ticket.

• Carry a Collapsible Bag.

• Never Pack Jewelry, Medicines or other valuables in your Suitcase. Put them in your carry on.

• Don’t Unpack When You Enter Your Hotel Room. Have the bellboy check if the TV works, if the windows open, and if the air conditioning can be regulated.

• Check to make sure that the bed is large, that there are enough towels and pillows and that the view you were promised Is There. If not, go back to the front desk and ask to be moved.

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